From conceptualization and product development to sourcing and exporting, TELOP delivers the best at every stage.


We are sensitive to the needs of our clients who are looking to maximize their profits yet are committed to provide good quality to their buyers. In our four years of operation, TELOP has helped many businesses source products and manufacture goods in China. Our interaction with our clients have earned us the reputation of:


* Exceptional Service

* Incredible Value for Money

* Outstanding Quality

* Prompt Delivery



The idea of sourcing products overseas can be daunting at first, considering the language and culture barriers, the red tape, production oversight, quality control and other logistical challenges. Our expert professional team is highly trained to provide a high level of responsiveness and customer care throughout the sourcing process right until exportation.


To serve you best, we believe that we have to have a deep knowledge and understanding about your business, so our people are trained to ask questions and pay attention to the smallest details that you provide.


From your outlined budget and product specifications through quality control and shipping concerns, our people are committed to collaborate with you and address all your needs. Our relationship based approach allows us to identify the right suppliers based on your needs and technical requirements.

Legal Aid
Sewing Machine



Because we want to ensure that you get the perfect product in accordance to your specifications,

we place a strong emphasis on the  need for pre-samples before you order in bulk.  We can get a few samples from our array of trusted manufacturers and you decide the best that will match your brand, market and portfolio. We can even request a customized sample should you require one.

Production and Quality Control


It is very common for manufacturers to produce samples of great quality that they cannot duplicate in large quantities. We are here to provide you with a seamless extension of your business operations to oversee every minute details. From design to size, weight, colors, strength, packaging and other specifications, we hold factories to the highest standards.


Our hands-on and expert Quality Assurance Team employs a high level of inspection efficacy to ensure 

that your specifications are met accurately and consistently, complete with photos and videos.

Container Ship


Arranging transportation for your products, keeping track of them and getting answers can be a very tedious task. From China to your doorsteps, we will handle the exportation of your product speedily, safely and efficiently, through our best-in-class and trustworthy freight forwarders. We provide up to date information on critical timelines and shipping status. We also take responsibility over any issues that may arise and make sure they are settled satisfactorily.