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Telop is a full-service, global production solutions company with a hands-on approach. Strategic manufacturer sourcing, product development, logistics; our production solutions are comprehensive and world class.

Our team

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We take your projects personally.

You can expect a customized solution, individual attention, full support, and open communication.As a trusted connection between clients and manufacturers across the globe, we source and advise on suppliers, oversee the development of your product, personally undertake inspections to ensure quality control, manage orders and bring the products to their destination on time.

We succeed together, or not at all.

Our clients rely on us to prevent, avoid and solve common global procurement and import-export challenges. We are experienced in working across time zones and language barriers; navigating cultural differences;  ensuring adherence to quality standards and compliance issues; and planning  cost-effective and efficient ways to achieve your goals.

How It Works

You know what you want, we're here to make it happen.

Telop is a valued and trusted guide and partner to companies and individuals requiring global product development procurement solutions, with a particular focus on China as a manufacturing destination.

Generally, the product journey from concept to delivery has 4 interlocking parts.


Your Inquiry

Describe your product requirements

Sourcing the right manufacturer starts with a comprehensive description of the product. The more detail, the better the match.Your inquiry should include detailed product specifications; sketch of the new product design; packaging and customization requirements and, of course, the quantity.


Your Order

We make it happen

When working in the trade and manufacturing field, the ability to re-evaluate is a strength. Trends, product specifications, quantities, and other requirements can change. Should quotations not meet your criteria, our team will gladly source alternative estimates. We liaise directly with suppliers on your behalf. When you choose Telop, you’re choosing a complete A-Z solution. We provide a seamless process from placing your order right through to delivery. No headaches.



We find the best fit

Your requirements are interrogated by Telop product development specialists, and manufacturing options are compared. Quotes are obtained from suitable manufacturers and suppliers. We provide advice on how to evaluate the merits of each quotation, and assist you to come to a decision based on your needs and the strength of the supplier to meet -- or exceed -- them.


Production Management

Quality control

The production process is closely monitored for quality control purposes. Our standards are high, and we inspect manufacturers regularly. Before your products are approved for export, we undertake a final inspection. Throughout the process, communication is essential. However, while we keep you apprised of all developments, it is important to remember that any problem solving falls to us.

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We work with established brands that need lower prices and better value; ecommerce businesses looking for suppliers; and start-ups who don’t know how to bring an idea to market.

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"I highly recommend working with Telop. Quality control is always at the top priority and every problem will be solved. when it comes to production management, product sourcing and development, communication and customer care- you are in good hands!"

Ilanit - memeber of the Telop team

Ilanit Shriki

Amazon Top Seller

“I’ve been working with Telop for 4 years & I have found my partners in success! Telop is Always available, listening & willing to help. Their work is always done professionally. Final result are high quality products with top finishing. I highly recommend Telop!”

"Big thanks to the Telop and the team for making the production and export process from China to USA so smooth, professional and without any issues along with exceptional service! We're glad to have Telop by our side as part of our operation. Thanks a lot!"

“We were working with Telop on a several projects along the years and we are definitely satisfied. Telop is a trustworthy company with great service, always available, going down to details with understanding client needs. We are glad to cooperate!”

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