Case Study:


Covid Interrupts Global Logistics. Medical Supplies Required Urgently.


Covid Interrupts Global Logistics. Medical Supplies Required Urgently.

The problem wasn’t only to find the suppliers, but how to ship the medical equipment overseas. No airplanes? Closed borders? Not a problem. We managed to arrange our own emergency cargo flights and filled airplanes with equipment.

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A Global Health Crisis: Challenge Accepted

Right from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in December 2019, Telop began receiving inquiries for medical equipment and related logistics solutions. The volume of inquiries and their urgency increased daily.

These inquiries came from both medical companies having to supply hospitals and the public with PPE, and also the manufacturers themselves who needed support procuring raw materials and machines to increase the factory capacity.

We soon found that this was a complicated challenge that demanded our undivided attention, a lot of energy, and all of our resources.

Every procurement project has its own set of challenges. All of our clients get a tailormade solution. But this was different. The whole world was suffering from shortages and logistics barriers. Even with our experience in global product development, our relationships with suppliers, and our logistics network, the solution was far from simple.

And, of course, we were racing against the clock.

Difficult Doesn't mean Impossible: Results

  • Export of masks, gloves, thermometers and more to our clients all over the world including UK, Israel, South Africa, China, Netherland, and Cyprus.
  • Export of oxygen machine accessories to the Israeli Ministry of Health.
  • Supply of oxygen concentrators to India, Kenya and South Africa.
  • Supply and distribution of hygiene products to the local market as partners in a factory in South Africa..

The Numbers

  • More than 10 million masks
  • 1500km of elastic band for face mask ear loops
  • 50 tons of metal wire for face mask nose bridges
  • 2000 oxygen concentrators
  • 4 containers of oxygen accessories
  • Approximately 2,500,000 liters of sanitizer liquid

How Did We Do It?

We succeeded by applying 3 core principles:

We Deal With People Not Factories

Overnight we had to extend our already extensive network. We sourced and vetted new suppliers in China, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Ukraine, Philippines, Jordan and more. In January 2020 alone, we stamped our passports in 5 different countries. And it was worth it.

WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING but we do know what questions to ask

From experience, we know that every country has their own standards, regulations and certificates. We had to understand this new niche in record time: no export-import could happen without compliance. We had to study up on a new niche in record time.

We Thrive On Challenges

Our standards are high; we only supply the best. The time pressure wasn’t going to make us settle for less, especially when it came to medical products. Only we couldn’t wait because lives were at stake. So, we had to get the best products without waiting for months in a queue. So when a mask factory couldn’t accept our orders due to the high demand, we offered them raw materials and machines to increase their output. That’s how we ended up shipping over 10million masks.

We continue to successfully supply quality medical equipment all over the world.